A little bit about us ......

How did we start?

Scaffa Ltd began life in 2012 as a start up business custom making furniture from reclaimed wood. We initially concentrated on the garden and outdoor market, but over time and with the popularity of our designs, we have expanded to include a substantial indoor range as well.  Environmentally friendly and supporting the circular economy, each Scaffa product is crafted by hand by our skilled team and because we make everything to order, we can work with individual clients to ensure that their bespoke requirements are catered for.

Who started us off?

Our CEO and chief designer is Ferdie Le Fèvre and he is the creative flair behind the concept of using old scaffolding boards, and turning them into new, stylish and ultimately very comfortable furniture.  All our designs are our own and whether it is a single bench or a collection of seats and tables, to fill a pub garden, we at  Scaffa can offer you the assistance needed to turn your space into a welcoming and chic setting.

CEO and founder Scaffa ltd. Ferdie Le Fèvre

Why Choose us?

Each piece of furniture we make is unique in that the reclaimed planks we use will all have their own history and marks, telling the story of their past life.  These characteristics are enhanced and cherished by our team of skilled craftsmen and are lovingly treated by hand, as part of the manufacturing process. We make everything to order in the UK, so that clients’ bespoke needs can be accommodated and we are genuinely proud of our designs and ability to be flexible to customers’ requests.  We offer a personal service and are really proud of what we do.  We believe we make stylish, comfortable, quality furniture at affordable prices, and in doing so support the circular economy.

Where does the name Scaffa come from?

The name Scaffa came from amalgamating the words Scaffolding and Sofa to create SCAFFA.  A sofa is by it’s nature designed to be comfortable and this is also key to our ethos in the way our designs are put together.  We are proud of the fact that all our seating ranges are comfortable and have spent a lot of time designing and re-designing angles to make them this way.  Even without padded cushions, our benches and chairs are, in our opinion, quality, stylish and comfortable items.  What is more we are re-using wood that would otherwise be destroyed or go to landfill at the end of it’s legitimate life as a scaffolding plank.

What do we stand for?

We’ve tried to keep our principles simple and from the heart… and what’s more in line with our name….

S – Stylish ( We make chic furniture and accessories from reclaimed wood)

C – Comfortable ( We pride ourselves on how comfortable our furniture is – especially our seating ranges)

A – Affordable  ( All our items are handmade to order but we try to keep our overheads and therefore prices, as low as possible)

F – Functional  (Scaffa goods are designed to last, and as such we offer a seven year structural guarantee on our furniture {see terms})

F – Friendly towards the environment & our customers! ( We use reclaimed raw material and eco friendly wood treatments)

A – Adaptable (We offer a custom made service so that individual requirements can be accommodated – just get in touch!)


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