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Quite possibly the most eye catching furniture Scaffa currently makes, the Lisbon sofa range is the height of luxury for any garden or patio or outside terrace. Available with your choice of bespoke padded seating made from marine fabric to make them that bit more weather proof, and in your choice of Scaffa Care finishes or untreated. The sofas can be used individually or combined to make “L” shaped seating, with options to include integrated table tops or planters from which to display your summer flowering shrubbery.

 Step 1: Click on one of the sofa lay-outs below, which will take you to a sofa

builder to customise your sofa for your home or garden.

The first step to create your ideal luxury lounge space is to choose between a single sofa, an L-shaped sofa or a U-shaped sofa.  If your ideal lounge space consists of multiple single sofas, then create your first sofa in the single sofa builder and then repeat the process for the second, etc…

Lisbon Single Sofa

Lisbon Single Sofa Lay-Out

The Lisbon Single Sofa – this beautiful outdoor sofa brings the comfort of your living room to your patio or conservatory.  Available in four… read more

Lisbon L-Shaped Sofa Lay-Out

The Lisbon L-Shaped Sofa – perfect for that corner plot on your decking or garden terrace. Create a luxurious lounging area for socialising with friends and…. read more

Lisbon U-Shaped Sofa Lay-Out

The Lisbon U-Shaped Sofa – the ultimate luxury in comfortable outdoor lounging, the Lisbon U-Shaped sofa can cosily segment off an area for entertaining and… read more

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