Scaffa 7 Year Warranty

SCAFFA Home Garden Furniture 7 Year Warranty Terms and Conditions October 2014

YWe hope you enjoy your new Scaffa Home Garden Furniture and that you continue to do so for many years.  We hand make every single piece in our own factory to the highest possible standards taking great care and attention in everything we do.

We are delighted to be able to offer a 7 year warranty on all of our wooden furniture however we can only do so if each piece is given the small amounts of care and attention any wood item requires no matter where it comes from.

Sadly and understandably we are unable to extend our warranty if any abnormal damage – unit dropped, set on fire, eaten, jumped on by an elephant – or somebody trying to be an elephant, or indeed any other animal from the animal kingdom!

Our Scaffa Home Garden Furniture 7 year warranty covers the structural integrity of the product – within reason – with any wood based product we produce once the client has adhered to our warranty conditions.  Please note that our warranty does not and can not cover any blemishes, change of colour, shading differences or the like.

Please note that our covers and cushions carry a 1 year warranty and non wooden furniture products carry a two year warranty

7 year Warranty Conditions

To claim on our seven year warranty you must:

  1. be able to provide an original Scaffa Home Garden Furniture Invoice.

  2. have used our own Scaffa Care treatment each and every year of ownership, not missing any years  (Invoice(s) for treatment(s) also required)

  3. treatment must be applied to all surfaces as instructed by us

  4. have kept the base of each piece out of continuous damp conditions – sitting water, damp soil or grass etc

Please note this full 7 year warranty is a return to base warranty. The client must cover the cost of returning the product to our factory and back again.

Scaffa Home Garden Furniture reserve the right to update these conditions from time to time without notice needing to be given to any past, present or future clients.

Thank you so much from everybody at Scaffa Home Garden Furniture.

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