Three things happened this week that have prompted my first Blog post for Scaffa:

  • A new delivery of reclaimed scaffolding planks (our raw material) arriving at our workshop
  • Returning from a business trip to London
  • A near completed order for London benches, sitting in our workshop nearing completion – just outside my office.

As a result of these happenings, I decided to let my poetic side take hold and write an “Ode to the London Bench” by way of an early trial into Blogging.

Let me know what you think……


Ode to the London Bench

Oh London you are inspiring, very regal and sublime,

Your arm rests are a treasure and, hold safe that glass of wine.

Your girth can hold the masses or be a perfect bed for one,

Your Back rest so well positioned, supports me in the sun.

Your finish is smooth and stylish, your seat a perfect height,

I can read, or chat, or just relax, you simply are just right!


Your scars and flaws from your previous life are embraced to make you shine,

They add some life and character to the smoothness of your lines.

The comfort of your angles, means no padding needed here,

Forget the scatter cushions, just bring out a nice cold beer!

Your wood is strong and sturdy and your colour wash devine,

There is nothing more to say except, “I’m just glad that you’re all mine”!


London Bench






Written by Clare Le Fèvre

Business Development Manager

Scaffa Ltd.



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